2 Year Old Classroom Guide

At this point your child will begin experimenting, and inteeracting with other children and the environment. More routine and structure are introduced into the daily schedule. Your child will start to learn how to find uses for familiar objects, and howto explain everyday occurences using simple reasoning. The daily activities in our two year old classrooms include; social and emotional intereaction with their peers and teachers in learning centers, pre-reading and writing, phonemic awareness through songs, a fun introduction to number, colors, shapes, and the opportunity to express their maximun level of creativity through art. Using various materials available in the classroom, your child will manipulate smaller pieces with purpose. The teacher will also provide opportunities to develop ball handling and body movement skills. In your classroom you will receive a creative time sheet each day that will detail your child’s day in regards to what they had for lunch and how much they ate, their nap for the day and how they felt overall. If your child is potty training then this is the class for them, our skilled 2 year old teachers take pride in being able to potty their students and take it very seriously. The creative time sheet is also a place for the teachers to list when your child went to the potty or when they were changed.

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