“We’re helping form good students, good friends, and good citizens”

Preston and Lynette Dorsey



Meet the Owners

The owners, Preston and Lynette Dorsey opened the first location of Towne Square Academy in July of 2001, and the second in April of 2006. Like many childcare centers, Towne Square Academy provides a loving environment where children feel safe and nurtured. But, they feel the responsibility for caring for young children goes far beyond clean bottoms and smiling faces. The time that they and the Towne Square Academy family spend  with the children lays the foundation for each child’s future learning experience. Stressing the magnitude of their responsibility, “We lay the groundwork for their educational careers. For these children, how they feel and will feel about learning begins with us.”

While this is serious work, it certainly is serious fun for the children. The center instills individuality, creativity and self-expression. It’s this environment that helps the children develop social skills, gives them a strong sense of self and the confidence to “share the world” with those around them…or at least share a toy! The children are very busy with the work of learning while their parents are away at work, and learning is always fun at Towne Square Academy. Preston and Lynette know that all children do not have the same learning styles, so activities are tailored to meet the learning styles and educational needs of each child.

The confidence children feel from successful learning experiences helps them with another skill that they feel is critical at this age, the ability to make decisions. “Children need to learn to make decisions now, to prepare for big decisions when they get older, then it won’t be the first decision they’ve made.” What we do everyday is more than just a job! “Where can someone go to work and with our fail receive unconditional love from the people around them?” We feel blessed to do this everyday. We go to work and get to play, paint and run on the playground. We spend time with the children and they look at us like we’ve done something for them; but, they’ve done so much more for us. It is truly a blessing to be able to do this, a blessing indeed!

Preston and Lynette believe, “We’re helping form good students, good friends and good citizens”

Green Valley Location

1000 LaBonte Parkway McDonough GA 30253 Hours 6:30AM-6:30PM | Phone 678 583 2825

Racetrack Location

480 Racetrack Road McDonough GA 30252 Hours 6:30AM - 6:30PM | Phone 770 914 0093

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