Infant Room Guide

We take infants at six (6) weeks old. In addition to nurturing and basic care, our teachers stimulate infant’s senses to encourage their mental and physical development. Our infant program provides an ideal environment in which your child will learn to grasps toys, vocalize sounds, recognize pictures of familiar objects and aquire a variety of other skills. We pride ourselves on being able to work with each infant in a series of stimulating activities that incorporate the natural routines of feeding and play. Our infants teachers will reinforce the babies’ development without disrupting their daily schedule. Our infant program also provides formula and baby food.

In our infant classroom we require that each parent fill out an infant feeding plan to ensure that we are doing everything that we can to make that your baby feels at home and is staying on the same schedule that you, the parent, have established. You will also reveive a daily yellow sheet detailing your child’s feeding’s, naps, diaper changes and how they felt overall each day.

Green Valley Location

1000 LaBonte Parkway McDonough GA 30253 Hours 6:30AM-6:30PM | Phone 678 583 2825

Racetrack Location

480 Racetrack Road McDonough GA 30252 Hours 6:30AM - 6:30PM | Phone 770 914 0093

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